Updates on the Ukrainian Music Industry

The OpenMusicEurope Partner MEU (Music Export Ukraine) is an independent initiative, which helps Ukrainian emerging artists to establish connections, promote their music, and develop career and talent on the international level. In their Blog section, they report on updates related to their work. As February marks the two year anniversary of Ukraines fight for independence, they focus on the updates of the music industry in these conflicted times:

Another February, another year of the fiercest fight in the name of freedom. Just like Ukraine itself, Ukrainian music industry is alive and kicking! Here’s a brief recap of things that made us proud, moved and vastly excited:

  • The choice is made! Despite the Diia app break down, the country chose its 2024 Eurovision Song Contest act. Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil will represent Ukraine in Stockholm with “Teresa & Maria”, a statement song about invincibility and sisterhood. Getting unprecedented 723 000 televotes, Jerry and Alyona instantly became bookmakers’ favorites and conquered TikTok trends.
  • Marking the 2nd anniversary of russia’s full-scale invasion, Voice of America premiered a 50-minutes long documentary about Jamala, a singer and a citizen. Sincere talks are beautifully intertwined with breathtaking performances, showing the most vulnerable, yet the most powerful side of Ukrainian diva.
  • Epic soundtrack alert! Ukrainian electronic musician NFNR recorded a theme song for Intercepted documentary that has just premiered at Berlinale. It is an unconventional road movie through the wounded cities of Ukraine, consisting of intercepted conversations between russian soldiers and their families. Don’t sleep on this hair-raising, yet eye-opening art piece about russia’s warmongering.
  • Charity Compilation “ЗЕРНО” [grain] by Klikerklub is bringing together Ukrainian musicians from 3 decades of independence. This unique joint project showcases our vibrant underground music scene. Oh, and 100% of the proceeds will go to local anti-war charities.
Are you interested in more details? Visit their website and read the entire blog post here.

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