An open, scalable data-to-policy pipeline for European Music Ecosystems

Project Background

OpenMusE brings together music industry stakeholders and researchers from 10 EU countries and Ukraine. Our consortium recognises that placing European music ecosystems on a more competitive, fair, and sustainable footing requires evidence-based policymaking, business planning and accuracy. We provide the data needed for these actions.
Using transparent methods and tools, OpenMusE maps the policy as well as the data landscape. The project bridges data gaps and empowers stakeholders and policymakers to take data-driven actions. Our project is grounded on principles of open policy analysis, open science, and open-source software development. We work with stakeholders to identify data gaps on the EU, national, and regional levels; co-create indicators and methods for bridging them; develop free software tools for data collection and analysis; and report our findings and every step taken to reach them.
Using the OMO (Open Music Observatory) and our open-source software, music SMEs without technical departments or expertise will be able to access and analyse open data; model volume and value, including of zero-price uses; create better business models; and generate corporate social responsibility and sustainability reports; all at a fraction of current costs. We validate these tools in four pilot studies that will bring concrete benefits to stakeholders within the project lifespan.

Project Objectives



the policy and data landscape: OpenMusE will identify extant and potential data sources within EU policy contexts; develop novel data collection methods and tools; and propose policy-relevant indicators that capture the significance of the data at hand.



data gaps: OpenMusE will pioneer new best-practice methods and tools for data collection from multiple sources, and integrate these into an open-source software ecosystem that non-specialist stakeholders can use.



stakeholders and policymakers to take data-driven actions: OpenMusE will validate the utility of the data collected, conduct pilot projects, and co-create scalable and transferable policy impact pathways through multi-stakeholder engagement.

Project Consortium