Presentation at the Multidisciplinary Symposium in Turku

The HAT-group has organized two events in Turku this winter to foster cross-disciplinary discussions on how to perceive, analyse and understand complex patterns of change. We are living an unprecedented era of instability. Languages change, music and fashion tastes continuously evolve, economies rise and decline, financial and societal crises come and go. Our climate, ecosystems, societies and cultures are in a constant state of change. Yet, these processes are not always easy to perceive. To understand system change, we use metaphors such as social networks, evolutionary trees or epidemic waves. But can we mix and match these metaphors across fields of research?

In that regard, Open Music Europe was represented too: Leo Lathi, Lead of Work Package 4, contributed to a creative science presentation at the event. 

You can read all about it here: Hat Research Website


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