SINUS-Institut is the leader of the Open Music Europe Project and its consortium of 15 partners. As an independent market and social research institute SINUS regularly carries out commissioned surveys and research for governmental and non-governmental organisations. Hence, besides its project coordinator role, SINUS develops and validates survey instruments for the Digital Music Observatory and carries out surveys using computer-assisted web interviews (CAWI), by telephone using computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI), in person using computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) or paper and pencil interviews (PAPI). In order to provide statistically valid results the SINUS team continuously operationalises accurate research questions, defines survey target groups, and meticulously clarifies and monitors sample sizes, quota variables, and field control conditions.

In 2020, the University of Turku celebrated its 100th anniversary. The University’s multidisciplinary research and high-quality education have shaped the Finnish society already for one hundred years and now we aim to create solutions to global and future challenges. 
The University of Turku is situated in Turku, the oldest city in Finland dating back to the 13th century. Located on the coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Europe with a short distance to Stockholm, Turku quickly became the most significant city in Finland during the Middle Ages when Finland was under the rule of the Kingdom of Sweden.

As Part of the University of Amsterdam, the Institute for Information Law (IViR), officially established in 1989, is one of the largest research centers in the field of information law in the world. The Institute employs over 25 researchers who are active in an entire spectrum of information society related legal areas: intellectual property law, patents, telecommunications and broadcasting regulation, media law, Internet regulation, advertising law, AI, content moderation, freedom of expression, privacy, digital consumer issues, commercial speech, et cetera.

The DIRPOLIS Institute (Institute of Law, Politics and Development) is a research center devoted to interdisciplinary studies in the fields of law, economics and political sciences. Its core mission is to conduct innovative research by adopting a multidisciplinary approach to offer a comprehensive and multi-faceted representation of legal, social, economic and political phenomena. The Institute strives to provide scientifically sound and action-oriented bases to effective decision-making processes, at both private and public levels. 

Within DIRPOLIS, the LIDER-Lab focuses, among others, on intellectual property and regulation of data, with particular regard to the processes of legal harmonization at EU level and regulatory adaptation to the digital revolution and technological innovation. The research activities carried out by the team range from contributions to the theoretical and doctrinal discussions, to consultancy and expert opinions for public institutions and policymakers, to proactive participation in the debate on national and EU reforms, up to activities of public engagement aimed at raising the awareness and promoting the involvement and training of the main stakeholders (i.e., consumers/end-users, vulnerable groups thereof, creative industries, authors and performers, cultural institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives, and museums, innovation hubs, SMEs, intermediaries and digital platforms).


The University of Economics in Bratislava (EUBA) an economics university that is involved in international research in the areas of among other topics in the technological transformation and the transformation of regional economies; a social and economic tool for stimulating innovation in business; the digitalisation and automation revolution in economic processes; urban development and the development of human capital in cities (smart cities). The Digital Music Observatory is cooperating with the EUBA in creating relevant indicators for the creative industries, particularly the music industry, within the context of Music Moves Europe, post-Covid recovery, the European Green Deal, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Reprex, is a Netherlands-based start-up company that makes big data reliable and accountable, delivering trustworthy analytics and AI solutions. We validate multiple data sources and are able to merge private and proprietary data with open data. We bring novel insight into policy and business problems, as well as scientific research. Our work addresses the potentially negative effects of black-box proprietary Algorithms. Our diverse team is particularly experienced in music, the creative industries, and digital humanities, where data is scattered in small organizations.


SYNYO is an independent research, innovation and technology organisation with many years of expertise in large-scale European research projects. As lead of WP5, they will ensure that BOND is linked to other projects in the field, particularly by integrating and linking BOND materials to the iWitness and -platforms: creating synergies, maximising impact, reducing costs, and ensuring sustainability.


Music Innovation HUb – MIH powers innovative, socially responsible projects in the music industry. Launched in Milan in 2018, it is the first social enterprise of its kind in Italy and is backed by Fondazione Giordano dell’Amore Social Venture – the social impact investment fund from Fondazione Cariplo—, OxA srl, and Music Management Club. MIH develops solutions that support the growth of the music industry and its stakeholders, and helps businesses find a more sustainable future through music projects.

Slovenský ochranný zväz autorský pre práva k hudobným dielam (SOZA)

The Slovak Performing and Mechanical Rights Society (SOZA), executes international standards on copyright protection in the territory of the Slovak Republic. SOZA does not only represent local authors in Slovakia, but also all foreign authors from those countries where CMOs concluded an Agreement on Reciprocal Representation. SOZA represents rightsholders—authors, sub-authors, music arrangers and authors of written part of the work, i.e. lyrics, libretto, as well as publishers of those works. On their behalf SOZA monitors the use of musical works in the territory of the Slovak Republic, collects royalties and at the same time provides administrative, economic and legal services.

Aloaded, designed and built in Sweden, is a 100% independent full-service digital distribution company. It has emerged from the independent music scene and caters specifically to the independent music community. Unlike most distributors that are controlled by the three major music corporations, Aloaded sets itself apart. Through Aloaded’s distribution platform, independent artists and labels have the ability to retain full control of their copyrights while achieving success through playlist and online marketing, as well as receiving support comparable to that of major labels. Aloaded operates without the need for venture capital or reliance on major labels to sustain its operations, allowing labels to benefit from direct deals with digital service providers (DSPs) and establish editorial relationships. In addition, Aloaded offers options for advances and catalogue buyouts, as well as the management of copyright and neighboring right streams. This makes Aloaded a comprehensive music industry partner suitable for labels of all sizes.
Music Export Ukraine (MEU)

Music Export Ukraine is an independent initiative that helps Ukrainian emerging artists to establish connections, promote their music, and develop a career on the international level. Main activities include artist support, cross-sector collaborations, international exchange programs, educational events, along with the only export-oriented music conference and showcase organized twice a year in Kyiv (Music Conference Ukraine)


MXF is a non-profit NGO with charitable status founded in 2015, working on projects to develop the music and nightlife sectors in Lithuania. MXF also runs Vilnius Night Alliance, an initiative to unite socially responsible venues, bookers, and artists under a code of ethics, representing their interests at local and national government level. This gives MXF access to a wide variety of businesses and musicians in Lithuania and high visibility in the entertainment and hospitality sectors. Vilnius Night Alliance is known worldwide as an innovator in campaigning for responsible and sustainable nightlife development.


Artisjus is a partner in the Open Music Europe, an initiator of the former CEEMID project, and provides us with high-value and exclusive CAP survey data for developing further harmonization.

Музикаутор (Musicautor)

Musicautor is an organization of composers, authors and music publishers for collective management of copyright. Musicautor offers more than 95% of the world’s musical repertoire for the Bulgarian market. It represents over 3000 Bulgarian authors and also over 2 500 000 authors from all over the world, who are members of sister societies, with whom Musicautor has contracts for reciprocal representation.


HearDis! is a leading agency for music, sound and voice. We believe in the power of sound as the universal language to build meaningful connections and thriving communities. In doing so, our creative team in Stuttgart and Berlin (Germany) designs, produces and implements holistic sound identities for brands, entertainment and culture.